Annual Meeting if the German-Jamaican Society from Oct. 15th – 17th, 2021 at the AZK in Königswinter

Kooperationspartner: Arbeitnehmerzentrum Königswinter

The working title of the DJG conference this year was: Rastafarian in transition.

The ideas and discussions of independent social and cultural developments that could provide impetus for the search for alternatives to dependence on tourism have been a focus of development education work of the German-Jamaican Society (DJG) for 45 years. In addition to reggae, which is honored as a world cultural heritage, this is not least the Rastafari movement, which ensures worldwide attention. The movement, which is linked to the African heritage of the former slaves, has become part of youth culture in our country with its symbols and charisma. Reason enough for the DJG to deal with current socio-political issues as well as the impulses of the Rastafari movement at this year's conference.

The German-Jamaican Society was founded 45 years ago. This anniversary should receive the appreciation it deserves within the framework of the conference.

The preliminary conference program (in German) can be downloaded here.