Call for donations successful

Dear friends of the German-Jamaican Society,

the corona pandemic has also reached Jamaica and has not remained without effects there. The number of infections and deaths is still manageable, presumably because an entry ban was imposed fairly quickly, but the side effects of this catastrophe are much more noticeable in the Jamaican population than in ours. Especially because the number of infected people is now increasing sharply.

We have therefore started a fundraising campaign to help solve the problems.


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Our appeal for donations in summer 2020 was successful. We have received a total of almost 1,500 Euros in donations. The society has increased this amount from its own funds to EUR 4,800. The money was used to support two schools and an SOS Children's Village, which urgently needed the funds to adapt the school facilities to the requirements of the pandemic.
Thanks for your support.
With Jamaican greetings
(Treasurer of the DJG)
Regardless of this, the DJG continues to collect for the Primary School in Beecher Town, which we have been supporting for years