Die Deutsch-Jamaikanische Gesellschaft e.V.

The German-Jamaican Society (GJS) was founded in 1976 with the aim of deepening relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Jamaica. It is recognized as a non-profit association by the tax office in Frankfurt.

The society has existed now for forty-four years and is not only an association in which the members indulge in their nostalgic Jamaica memories, but which has set itself the goal of deepening and developing the political, cultural, economic and social relations between Jamaica and Germany .

  • We inform our members about the current situation and interesting developments in Jamaica via the Internet.
  • We are a non-partisan, politically independent organization and strive to work on friendly terms with the Jamaican embassy in Germany and with all important social groups.
  • We maintain close ties with our sister organizations in Jamaica, the Jamaican German Society in Kingston and the Jamaican German Cultural Center in Montego Bay.
  • We want to promote contacts through study trips to Jamaica, look after Jamaican students and interns in Germany and support development policy initiatives in Jamaica.
  • We organize information meetings and seminars, exhibitions and lectures, drawing on the experience and knowledge of our members.

Who are our Members?

Mainly Germans and Jamaicans who live in the Federal Republic of Germany. They come from all parts of the population; companies and associations can also become members.
The common bond between our members is their special relationship with Jamaica; it may be the result of a long stay there, vacations, academic or commercial relationships, or simply an interest in the fascinating culture of the Caribbean island.