Annual meeting of the GJS in Königswinter

Despite the difficult conditions, the GJS successfully held this year's annual conference (2020)

The annual conference 2020 of the DJG took place in the AZK in Königswinter again. Thanks to a detailed hygiene concept, it was possible, despite Corona, that 25 participants were able to attend the conference. The demand was greater but because the number of participants was limited, unfortunately not all registrations could be considered.

Jörg Wenzel succeeded in recruiting top-class speakers for the event and the participants learned a lot about Jamaica again at this weekend. At the end of the conference one could only see satisfied faces all around.

The next annual conference will take place in October 2021 again at the AZK. The 45th anniversary since the company was founded can be celebrated.

Click here to get some impressions of the conference


"Sir Covid" in Jamaica

A report from Karl-Olaf Kaiser

Karl-Olaf Kaiser, board member of the German-Jamaican Society, published a report in the November issue of ILA magazine in which he describes the situation in Jamaica against the background of the corona pandemic. The report (in German) can be downloaded here with the kind permission of ILA Verlag.