2020 Conference of the German-Jamaican Soc.

Topic: "Jamaica faces new challenges"

The corona pandemic and the associated economic problems have plunged all American countries, including Jamaica, into a serious crisis. Many people on the island are more severely affected by the collapse in tourism than by Corona disease. Thanks to the government's precautionary measures, Jamaica has been spared the devastating numbers of infections and deaths in other countries. In contrast, the economic crises in North America and England are disastrous for Jamaica as a trade and tourism partner. This is particularly evident in the drastic decline in financial transfers made by Jamaicans living in North America and Europe, which are very important for the island. The ongoing clashes over the protests against racism by the “Black Lives Matter” movement intensify this development.

These challenges were examined from different perspectives at the conference. The complete conference program (in German) can be downloaded "here".



Save The Cockpits – Once you go – you know

Presentation of Andrea & George Llewellyn at the 2020 Conference of the German-Jamaican Soc

Download Andrea´s & George´s presentation here